is a veteran poster who is apparently a young woman, and is apparently a large fan of Sakura Kinomoto.

YamaChan has developed a reputation for her over-the-top posting style, often filled with insulting remarks toward her current opponent. She is often considered as a fierce and unrelenting poster, dissatisfied with any debate in which she does not leave her opponent a wrecked empty husk. She will often leave a debate once she considers it "boring", whether she is legitimately bored with it, or whether she has simply determined the her verbal abuse has proven ineffective.

Yama has recently begun to migrate to other forums and message boards, but still periodically makes her rounds through OT to stir up some controversy in a discussion topic. Yama has had frequent involvement in some now classic shounen versus topics. Ones of note including:

Samurai Jack vs. Kenshin (a dynamic argument that numbered among the thousands in total amount of posts dedicated to the debate)
Aoshi vs Saitou
Sarutobi vs Yondaime
Byakuya vs Kenpachi (any Bleach debates really, generally involving Ichigo Kurosaki)

For the last year or so, her primary reputation on OT has been as an opponent of MajinUltima in Bleach debates totalling presently in the thousands of posts. Despite frequent claims of boredom and disinterest, she will often engage in several pages of debate with Majin nonetheless. When MajinUltima proposed a one-on-one debate on AIM to put an end to their endless rivalry, YamaChan made a snarky remark implying sexual innuendo and declined. When another female user commented that YamaChan was prettier and smarter than her, she responded by saying she didn't care which of the two Majin preferred, despite no users making such an implication. It is worth noting that the preceding line is bullshit, and took place solely in MajinUltima's fantasy world. It can be reasonably inferred that YamaChan is obviously Tsundere for MajinUltima.

Known Likes:

- Sakura Kinomoto

- Kuchiki Byakuya

- Verbose verbal violence

Known Dislikes:

- People she considers obnoxious or stupid

- Losing

- Zaraki Kenpachi

Comments from other users: - *looks at picture* YamaChan is one kinky girl eh?