Summary Edit

OT newcomer; he's a fan of girls like Tsumugi (K-on) and Miyuki. Runs the Rate the Babe series as of May 1st.

Favorite Shows Edit

  • Boku no Bibletoads
  • Darker than BLACK
  • Gungrave
  • s-CRY-ed


Manga Edit

I haven't read many, but I read Berserk and NHK. I will update this sooner or later.

Waifus Edit

  • Tsumugi ( K-ON! )
  • Lilly (Katawa Shoujo)

Miyuki would also be one of mine, but I wouldn't want to steal her from a bro.

Video Games Edit

I am mainly interested in RPGs, since they usually have a decent plot/characters and are pretty long. I am currently playing WoW and Rock Band 2.