****ing Rolo, prior to being deflowered by Starks.


Starks is ****ing Rolo.

OT's veteran attention whore and kuudere voice of reason. As somewhat of a running gag, he styles himself as the Primera Espada of OT.

Despite being almost code illiterate, he helped develop the initial versions of Text-to-Image and popularize the extension on GameFAQs.

He is also a former fansubber and spent 2 years of his life scanlating Inuyasha. Despite currently doing neither, Starks still considers himself an insider to both the fansubbing and scanlation scenes.

"****ing Rolo" explainedEdit

About half-way through the broadcast run of Code Geass R2, OT-kun was rather enraged at ever littler thing Rolo, Lelouch's fake little brother, did. This rage was reflected in endless posts that contained "****ING ROLO!". Starks thought he could capitalize on that rage by making an intentional troll topic that was ambiguously sexual and took advantage of topic length limits: "Is anyone else still ****ing Rolo?" - "I am. What an ass!"

While Starks had deliberately worded the post as such, the subtle thing that was trying to be conveyed was: "Is anyone else still in the "****ING ROLO!" mentality?" - "I am. He's such an asshole!"

Nevertheless, Starks posted the topic, boarded a train to NYC, and let OT-kun enjoy for a few hours before he returned to post in it. All in all, a very successful troll save for the fact that "Are you still ****ing Rolo?" questions still pop up from time to time.

Tastes Edit

Likes: Comedy anime. Over-the-top action anime like Gurren Lagann. Tsunderes are also surefine.

Loves: Girls with high intellect or a penchant for appealing to logic like Chisame Hasegawa. Characters that fit the "cute normal girl" archetype like Nami Hitou, Kurumi Momose, and Natsumi Murakami. Tomboys like Souseiseki, Mion Sonozaki, and Wriggle Nightbug. In general, smart, short-haired girls are awesome. Doesn't matter if they're affectionate or laid-back. Nuff said.

Hates: Cheesy Key anime like AIR, Kanon, and CLANNAD.

Testimonials Edit

"Is apparently ****ing Rolo."

"Recently he had a near bandwagon jump from Ritsu fandom to Mio fandom...... he has realized the error and has been forgiven by other fans."

"Used to be a douchebag troll but has somehow metamorphosed into a hip cool poster in the eyes of the new users over the time I dropped out of OT. It was like I was in Bizzarro land when I got back and shit."

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All vets unless otherwise noted

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None yet :3