Topics series conducted in the early weeks of February 2009 by MegaZero Exe

The contestants are the female characters of the When they Cry series, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Poll were open, and OT-kuns who haven't played Umineko are allowed to vote just based on the character designs.

(Note, poll was conducted before the released of the translation of Umineko no Naku Koro ni EP4)

The "When they Cry" Girls Ratings Results

Rumiko Chie - 5.8/10 (10 votes)

As a side character, she doesn't fare well against the more popular mains.

Ushiromiya Maria (VA: Yui Horie)- 6.0/10 (19 votes)


Most of Umineko fans find her annoying, however user opinions have been seen changing ever since the release of the fourth Episode of Umineko.

Houjou Satoko - 6.5/10 (31 votes)

Satoko's topic had the most posts due to heated discusssion regarding love and hate for her character. She gets a low score due to division.

The topic creator personally thinks that she just needs some love.. ;_;

Ushiromiya Eva - 6.7/10 (14 votes)

Lowest scoring mom of the Ushiromiya family. Opinions were also divided.

Shannon (VA: Kugiyama Rie) - 7.1/10 (16 votes)
A maid from the Ushiromiya family gets an average score, but she probably wouldn't mind it much. (Note, she's not a tsundere)

Ushiromiya Natsuhi - 7.1/10 (18 votes)

The mother of Ushiromiya Jessica is pretty well liked by the fans.

Ushiromiya Jessica (VA: Marina Inoue) - 7.6/10 (15 votes)
Like mother, like daugher, she is well liked. Jessica is also well liked for singing a certain popular song of Silver Forest~ (>_>)

Takano Miyo - 7.6/10 (26 votes)


The nurse of the Irie Clinic of Hinamizawa gets a pretty high score, regarded as the hottest character of Higurashi by some.

Ushiromiya Rosa - 8.0/10 (11 votes)

The mother of Ushiromiya Maria gets a solid score. She is well liked as of Episode 3.

Hanyuu (VA: Yui Horie) - 8.6/10 (29 votes)

The newest member of the Hinamizawa gang gets a high score for having a cute personality. Auauau~

Sonozaki Mion - 8.7/10 (27 votes)

One of the Sonozaki twins, less popular than her sister for some reason.

Ushiromiya Kyrie - 8.8/10 (14 votes)

The higest scoring mom of the Ushiromiya family. Step mother of the hotblodded FINGAR POINTAN EPIC ARGUEING main character, Ushiromiya Battler.

Sonozaki Shion - 8.8/10 (31 votes)

The higher scoring Sonozaki twin, better liked than Mion due to her personality and fashion,

and also for graphically torturing Satoko, and several accounts of lovable murders of her closest friend and sister.

Furude Rika - 9.1/10(27 votes)

Mii, nipaa~☆

Ryuugu Rena - 9.4/10 (27 votes)
Hauau, omochikaeri~

Beatrice - ∞/10 (18 votes)


A woman whose form is portrayed inside a painting in the Ushiromiya mansion. For some reason, votes from fans contains a strange mathematical symbol.