MajinUltima is a veteran poster who lives in southern California. Most personal information about him is unknown, though he is of a young working age. He was one of the posters to most encourage use of the collective term "OT-kun" to describe the Anime & Manga - Other Titles board's posters.

MajinUltima frequently posts in threads regarding Bleach, Code Geass, Death Note, Evangelion, Gundam 00, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a variety of other series as well as other misc topical threads. He periodically engages in debates with other members of the board on a variety of controversial topics, which often become heated and max out the given thread at 500 posts, much to the chagrin of other posters. He infrequently posts parody scenarios which are generally well-received for anime series which generally involve using one anime's cast and then scripting them out in a scenario from another popular anime, game, or movie.

MajinUltima is known mostly for the controversial debates he ends up engaged in, or for his love of "Tsundere" (moody) female characters. To a lesser extent, he has a small reputation for posting unnecessary detailed information and explanations regarding his own personal tastes on intimate matters, not the least of which is flagrant masochism. He is likewise boastful about his tastes, especially regarding female-dominant scenarios. He will often appear in threads relating to adult materials to express his own opinions and cast recommendations or criticisms accordingly.

MajinUltima was voted the Best User of the Anime & Manga - Adult Swim Action board by its posters there in 2008.

Known Likes:

- Tsundere women

- Bland or salty foods

- Caramelldansen

Known Dislikes:

- People he considers obnoxious or stupid

- Lolicon

Known Hobbies:

- Psychology

- Card and strategy games

Comments from other users:

Graham to represent you? ****ing Ougi would be a better choice tbqh. - Liberal

You left out the whipped dog part! You should have some pride otherwise no woman'd repsect you.! - StriderTuna