Evangeline, the most popular loli in OT

Lolis are the delicious unobtainable fruit that you want to be with forever. Whether it be for social or sexual reasons, you just want to be with that girl and protect her delicious flat chest. However, that girl is most likely underage. Yes, lolis are two dimensional underage girls.

Controversy Edit

People are wondering if lolicons are pedophiles. There has been plenty arguments over this case and many people take great offense to this. Some lolicons do admit that they are only attracted to the 2D underage girls as oppose to real life ones. However others just do no see this and they get into a tantrum and flame against lolicons. To this day, there are still disputes over this case but not as much as the past OT. The fact that some lolicons go bashing perfectly nice curvy teenagers/adult babes never helps, this just provokes the boob loving crowd into flaming the lolicons with "pedophile"

Legality Edit

Lolis is illegal in some places like Canada, but hey unless you are stupid and do not import, you are pretty much safe. In America, some people are fighting for it to be against the law as they see it as child pornography. However that has been shut down multiple times and many assume the law will never pass.

Examples Edit

Copypasta Edit

There has been a disturbing copypasta of the description of lolis. It freaked out many people. Whoever made it is unknown. Below is the infamous copypasta.

The cuteness, naiveness, and playfulness of the girl involved makes it delicious. The sight of her beautiful, adorable loli body which is just starting to develop makes it delicious. Imagining having sex with such a girl who, because of her age and current level of mental development would have the significance and pleasure of the act magnified by a ton for her, and by seeing this for you as well makes it delicious. It is just so natural. So innocent So pure. To completely forget yourself and rediscover your own inner child and innocence while the girl looks at you with her smiling, willing, and understanding face while the ugly and unaccepting world around you melts away just feels oh so right. That beats normal, dull, mundane sex with some typical girl around your own age who is only interested in maturity and commitment, takes the act with a grain of salt, and wouldn't understand any of this any day, even if it is only imaginary.

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The entire thing. If this is what you strive to enjoy and have fantasys about about, then there are other forums more attuned to your cravings and needs. This is GameFAQ's, not PornFAQ's. If you have forgotten this, then you need to re-assess your purpose here.