This OTer's favorite character ever.

[Degenerate Spawn of Jebbito]

lol kurz

Originally known as Kurz_Weber, Kurz was originally seen as a bit of a personality, but usually pretty harmless. However this all changed when he and StriderTuna began to clash.

He was one of the biggest detractors of Lucky*Star's Miyuki during what Tuna considers to be the 'age of miyuki bashing' and as a result he was considered an arch-nemesis. They dueled periodically in various topics; more often than not having ending with Kurz going into a profanity-filled fit of rage... this continued with his alts until one day he changed...

One of the alts that he had created: LadyIllyasviel, soon took on the position of his main, and the content of his posts and topics took a turn for the incomprehensible. He began to obsess over individual characters such as Nia and a number of traps, yet at the same time began to refer to others as "sluts" (etc) with no obvious distinction as to why.

These days he uses LadyIllyasviel almost exclusively. In fact, he sometimes becomes angry if users refer to him by his old moniker. The topics he posts are usually titled with obscure quotes, followed by 3 or 4 pictures that are usually completely unrelated to the title. He is also an active troll in ratings topics, swinging wildly between extremes. If he gives one character a 10/10, you can be sure that the next few will receive 1s and 2s with no explanation.

He also has a 3rd account: GARMoe. Characterized by pure hate and rage, this one is rarely seen these days.

As if three were not enough, he has at least one more account: SNSHectate. For whatever reasons, this account essentially hates all things that exist and will make a never ending wave of topics that all feature an obscure quote combined with a poorly edited picture via paint. Every now and then, he seems to show positive signs towards Tales of Abyss characters, but this is a rare delicacy and will likely change within his next post.

What caused his descent into madness? Was it one rage-inducing duel with Tuna too many? Was it the stress of being on OT? We may never know.