What the heck is THAT?!?!

Too innocent for OT.

But still likes psycho bitches somehow.

Creator of the short lived "What If" series of topics.

Autobiographical Stuffs Edit

Dusk first came to AM:OT after watching Geass R2 25; he wanted to see if anybody else had noticed these hints that Sunrise had cruelly dropped to make Lelouch's fate ambiguous. Naturally, other people had seen this stuff, and were throwing around BS theories. He then proceeded to argue with everyone and point out flaws in stupid theories like "ZOMG CODE GEASS, HE HAS EMPEROCKET'S CODE AND HIS OWN GEASS AT TEH SAME TIME!"

Dusk started innocent. He strayed away from picture topics, he erred on the less disturbing side of the line. Sure, he fell for an anime character here and there. But he kept it on the straight and narrow.

Then he watched Gurren Lagann and thought Yoko was ****ing hot. After finishing this most epic anime, he saw a massive pic topic made by Dark5009, dedicated to Yoko. He couldn't resist. He looked. He did some things. Some of his innoncence died that night.

Then, the rest of it died when he went to /u/ and realized how hot yuri breast feeding is. (That one ShirleyxKallen doujin didn't help either.)

In January of 2010, things hit a new low. Dusk made a topic about an unknown act he had recently performed. Exact details are unknown but it involved a printout and NGE characters, and given his reluctance to reveal the details, it's safe to assume the worst.

Dusk's Favorite Shows (And, Consequently, Those You Should Totally Freaking Watch) Edit

*Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

*BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad


*Hikaru no Go

*Infinite Ryvius

*Code Geass S1

*Haibane Renmei

*Hellsing Ultimate

*The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


*Welcome to the NHK

Dusk would also like to say that, despite being confusing as hell to anyone unfamiliar with the Nasuverse, Kara no Kyoukai can be pretty kickass and has god tier production values. Watch it, even if it's only for the art.

Dusk's Favorite Anime Women Edit


*Haruhi Suzumiya

*Asuka Langley Soryu

*Midori (Mai HiME)

*Tohno Akiha (Tsukihime)

*Kohaku (Tsukihime)


*The Princess, Asahina Samidare (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer)

*Tohsaka Rin (Fate/stay night)

*Senna (Bleach: Memories of Nobody)

OTHER TIER (Are likeable)

*Yoko Littner

*Maka (Soul Eater)

*Haruko (FLCL)

Comments from Other Users:

  • From StoneCold2010: "I think he's smelly."
  • "That's not nice." --- Nytemare457
  • From Supremezero: "Define 'Innocent'."
  • From Supremezero: "Define 'Innocent'." -- Had never looked at porn or H-pics... hell, not even light ecchi. Also, I was really overmoral on related stuffs. I'm also still overly idealistic in romance, which might be part of what Liberal's referring to.