Started posting on OT during the summer of 08, but was lurking the board long before then. Often wonders if he is a known as he likes to think he is.
Bahamut FFIX
Posses a love for Tsunderes, and is a fan of the band Jam Project. Is an avid player of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.

Interests Edit

Has been an avid fan of anime ever since he first watched DBZ on television when he was young. His taste in anime isn't very picky, and has like just about everything he has ever seen, though there are some he greatly dislikes.

Has a love of Tsundere females, and would probably have some on the claims list if he wasn't positive most of his favorites were already claimed. Favorites include Asuka of Evangelion, Haruhi of the Haruhi Suzumiya series, Kagami of Lucky Star, and Kallen of Code Geass. Likes many more, but doesn't feel like filling his page with Tsunderes. Also really likes Soi Fon of bleach. A lot.

Enjoys RPGs, and his favorite is FFVII, but unlike most of its fanboys, knows very well it is the most overrated of the series. Greatly enjoys playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, and has ever since the game first came out. His favorite card is Stardust Dragon.

Other Notes Edit

Bio from the Hotblooded badass Topic:

One of the few archangels to be comparable to Lionheart, Bahamut possesses three pairs of crystal dragon wings instead of the usual angel wings. He is the descendant of holy dragons, giving him the ability regenerate far faster, withstand and breathe fire, and has a tail. Also has a pair of curling horns, and black-grey hair pulled back into a badass ponytail. Proud of his ability, but not as vain as Lionheart. Fights with the legendary Lance of Longinus, once of the most powerful weapons has to offer. Bahamut is also the one to kill Dusk the first time by stabbing him through the heart with the Lance of Longinus as Hikari the Sword distracted Dusk. When Dusk returns, Bahamut decides it's time to settle things and through willpower alone transforms the Lance of Longinus into the Trident of Longinus, making it THREE times as powerful and awesome. Fights with Dusk again during the final battle of the series. One of the less crazy of the archangels, though once his eyes glow red he means serious business.